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A smarter way to sell your rental property

Turn your rental property into shares in a pool of houses. Sell what you want while getting fully passive income and deferring your taxes on the rest.


Why exchange your house for shares in many houses?

Consistent cash flow

Never worry about a single vacancy or maintenance issue.

Diversify risk

Spread out your individual risk to different neighborhoods.

Avoid the taxes of selling

Spread out your taxes over time or pass your shares on to your heirs.

Optimized ownership

Get access to the tools sophisticated institutions use while investing.

All the benefits of ownership, without any of the burdens

No more individual vacancies. No more dealing with toilets, trash, or tenants. Flock makes owning your rental as easy as your 401k.

Flock uses the 721 Exchange to help you build long-term wealth

Institutional real estate owners have long used the 721 Exchange to defer the taxes of a sale while gaining passive, diversified, more liquid ownership. Flock is the first company bringing it to individual rental property owners.

How to exchange for shares

Get your free valuation

Provide your property information and receive a free valuation estimate.

Agree to property pricing

Your valuation is based on a third-party appraisals, plus adjustments to bring your house up to the standards of all the houses in the pool.

Exchange your house for shares

Flock offers a hassle-free alternative to owning one rental property — passively owning shares of many.

Enjoy passive income

Get direct deposits and track your income, appreciation, and depreciation from Flock’s app.

Selling triggers taxes. Flock does not.

For illustrative purposes only. Specific tax treatment may vary depending on every individual's basis.
The Flock team is incredible. They handled everything and made the whole process extremely easy. I only wish I had 10 more houses I could put in!

Shirlee T.

Denver, CO

Why houses join Flock

Highlands Ranch, CO
Reason for Joining: Passive Income
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