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Smarter ownership starts here.

Seamlessly exchange your rental property for shares in a portfolio of homes managed by Flock. Get steady income and more potential upside without the hassles of traditional ownership.

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Denver Post

“Ideal for accidental landlords”

Business Denver

“The index fund for your home”

National Mortgage Professionals

“Revolutionizes the way rental properties are owned”

Primary Ventures

“A tax-free transition to passive ownership”

Why exchange your rental property for shares in a managed portfolio of houses?

Grow your investment

Capture ongoing income and accelerated upside potential, without the tax.

Leave the burden behind

Our team handles every aspect of management and maintenance.

Peace of mind at every step

Our real estate experts use technology to deliver a seamless experience.

Harness your community

Pooling together creates a better experience for owners and renters alike.

There's no better alternative

Flock gives you more benefits and flexibility than traditional rental property ownership strategies.

Smarter than Selling

Avoid the taxes of a traditional sale

Save time and on costs associated with selling

Maintain income, appreciation, and depreciation

Liquidate in pieces or all at once

Easier than Renting

100% passive ownership with reliable income

Diversify risk and accelerate upside potential

Eliminate the burden of maintenance and management

Benefit from efficiencies at scale

Introducing the 721 Exchange.

A better way to grow your rental investment.

Institutional real estate owners rely on the 721 Exchange, a section of the Internal Revenue Code that allows owners to defer taxes of a sale by contributing property to a partnership in exchange for partnership interest. It enables passive income, diversification, and more liquidity. Flock is the first company offering it to homeowners with individual rental property on a tech-enabled platform.

How it works

Free Home Valuation

Share details about your property, and Flock will deliver a free, no-obligation home valuation estimate within 24 hours. If it looks good, we’ll visit your home to confirm the valuation and make final adjustments to an offer price.

Seamless Exchange

In less than 2 weeks, Flock can transfer title and pay off any remaining mortgage. You’ll receive shares of ownerhip in the portfolio equal to your remaining equity value.

Home-Management Hand-Off

We’ll take over all aspects of property management, and even honor an existing lease. Flock charges a 1% asset management fee annually.

Reliable Income and Accelerated Upside

We’ll deposit quarterly income directly into your bank account. You’ll have anytime access to your owner’s portal to view appreciation, quarterly income, important documents, and other notifications.

Exiting Flock

You can cash out shares piece-by-piece, or all at once. You can also choose to pass shares on to heirs without a taxable event.

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The Flock team is incredible. They handled everything and made the whole process extremely easy. I only wish I had 10 more houses I could put in!

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Shirlee T.

Denver, CO

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