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How Flock Works

Keep the benefits of owning rental property while getting rid of all the burdens. It’s fully passive, diversified, low-cost ownership: the index fund for your house.


Join the Flock

Submit your property for valuation

Flock partners with leading third-party appraisers to determine the fair market price of your house.

Receive offer

Every house joining Flock needs to meet the same standards. Our maintenance teams will conduct an inspection and, if needed, the final offer will reflect an allotment for repairs.

Move your house, tax-free

When you transfer title to Flock, you’ll receive ownership in the pool equivalent to the value of your house. Unlike a traditional sale, joining Flock won’t trigger depreciation recapture and capital gains.


Own the Flock

Receive passive income

Every month, your rental income will be directly deposited to your bank account. Flock handles all the property management, maintenance, and headaches associated with owning rental property.

Keep your equity

You’ll still own houses through your shares in Flock, but now your risk will be spread out between different neighborhoods and cities.

Track your investment

You’ll have real-time visibility into the operations and value of every house in the Flock through our app.


Own the Flock


Exit the Flock

Hassle-free transfer

Estate planning, listing a house, handling a sale…with Flock, we manage the whole process.

Pass stake to heirs

Your Flock stake is treated just like a typical rental property for inheritance purposes. Owning shares, instead of a physical asset, makes passing on your investment easier.

Cash out

Passive income is great, but at some point, you may want to sell your shares. Give Flock notice and we’ll cash out your stake.

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